Property management
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We offer property management solutions centralizing information and providing features facilitating or automating recurrent tasks.

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Everything you need
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All our features are available from any device to allow you to work everywhere without any interruption.

  • Store all your information in a single place
  • Set reminders for the importants events
  • Create contracts and follow up the payments
  • Create inventories with your tablet
  • Save your contacts details in an address book

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We provide a three months free trial. After that period, your account will be billed based on your usage.

We have a “pay what you use” approach. The bill is calculated at the end of each month based on the total of users and properties and how many inventories were made.

The solutions have been made to support small and large portfolios. There is no minimum requirement but from our experience we would recommend to have a minimum of five units.

Even though the solutions have been made for property owners, agencies are free to use it to manage their rental portfolio or the properties they manage for their clients. However, selling features are not supported.

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